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(TRI Thermal Roofing)

 Lowest Life Cycle Cost

 Highest ROI

 Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Over 35 Years in Business

From a modest roof product to a system used nationally, Cox Roofing Systems evolved from Stan Cox Insulation Contractors. It began in 1976 as a Urethane Foam Insulation Company and was incorporated in 1980. The insulation company eventually morphed into a full-fledged organization offering its unique roof system as Cox Roofing Systems in 1990. We primarily serve the Toronto, Southern and Northern Ontario regions with industrial and commercial roofing, but have completed projects in many other areas too including the Arctic, Labrador and the Northwest Territories.

Cox Roofing Systems is committed to safety, quality and high environmental standards. Employees go through mandatory training and each individual on the team meets all safety and certification requirements. This commitment ensures that your staff, and ours, remain safe and that you receive the best quality product – a product we stand behind with our 10,20 and 30+ year warranties. Our goal has always been to produce the best most energy efficient roof system available. From the beginning, because of our background as an insulation contractor, we have been concerned about the total payback of the roof. The longer the roof performs and the more energy it saves each year, the less expensive it becomes.

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