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A roofing company that offers you a quality product that we guarantee!

Our mission is to provide you with the most energy efficient roof possible. Our history as an insulation contractor helped develop the patented TTR system – a system that will ensure the greatest payback on your roof. On average, our clients receive a 25-35% savings in reduced energy costs.

The patented TTR ® system brings all our knowledge together to create a truly energy efficient roof. The high-R-value spray applied Polyurethane insulation provides lightweight, energy efficient insulation on top of the existing roof. Next, the fully adhered EPDM membrane provides a level of protection that is superior to traditional coatings and does not require fasteners or primers.

Along with the great environmental benefits of the TTR System, further energy savings can be achieved through Roof top landscapes and Photovoltaic panels that can be installed over top of the system with full warranty. Our system is also available with a black membrane or white energy star rated membrane.