Cox Roofing Systems installed the TTR® roof system on a 32,000 square foot project for the Metro store in Hamilton 7 years ago. The TTR® system was chosen for the building due to the fact that the removal of the existing tar and gravel roof system would have been too disruptive for the grocery store, an overlay being the best option. A moisture scan was performed by Cox Roofing Systems to ensure that no saturated areas were present in the existing tar and gravel system before the retrofit was performed. All the loose gravel, dirt and debris were removed from the roof and the TTR® system was then retrofitted over the tar and gravel system.

Cox Roofing installed the TTR® system as per the TTR® specifications and the roof has performed well for the last 7 years. The inspections are being carried out on an annual basis as outlined in the original contract. Any issues or concerns have been addressed to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The customer service from Cox Roofing Systems has not let me down. The performance of the TTR® roof system has been what I expected when I chose this system to be installed on the building.

I would recommend this roof system to other property managers or owners that are concerned about energy savings and the overall performance of a roof system for the long term life of the building.