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Cox Roofing is dedicated to Quality

Roofing quality at Cox Roofing has always been a priority. Unlike other spray foam and coating systems, the patented TTR System has replaced the U.V. protective coating with a fully adhered single ply EPDM ( rubber ) membrane over the roofing foam. The EPDM membrane provides an additional water tight seal as well as an extra layer of durability with no fasteners, no expensive primers and no required recoats. The membrane allows the TTR System to have an extended life cycle and to be installed in the harshest climates of North America.


Installation is quick, odorless and will not disturb building occupants. Your roof is first power cleaned and thermal scanned to detect water saturated areas in the roof. Once any problems are corrected the TTR system is retrofitted over the existing substrate.


Our TTR® System has minimal maintenance as any problems are easily identified and repaired with no damage to building or contents. It is also a preferred option instead of recoats for the millions of square feet of SPF that do require or will require recoating. We can adhere the membrane to the existing foam and coating roof system and provide a new warranty.


Cox Roofing offers the best warranty available. We offer our 10 Year Gold Warranty and our 20+ Year Platinum Warranty on both labour and materials. We perform annual inspections on all of our roofs.