Commercial Roofing Sudbury

Greater Sudbury is commonly referred to as Sudbury. It has a total population of 161,531. This growing city in Ontario, Canada, has plenty of available properties for people interested to relocate or start their own physical business. For your commercial roofing Sudbury needs, Cox Roofing is here to provide them.

Building owners need a roofing system that’s able to perform at its best regardless of the weather in Sudbury ON. But because not all business owners can understand the impact that a good roof brings, they invest in cheap roofs that don’t meet their exact needs.

Since you’re here today, we want to give you the opportunity to run a smooth-sailing and productive business with our commercial roofing Sudbury materials that guarantee the following advantages:

Space that can be used for different purposes.

Our flat roofing systems are compact and resilient which makes them capable of accommodating structures and resisting foot traffic on top of your building.

Now you can have whatever you like, whether it’s a small cafe, a rooftop garden, solar panels, or just an empty space for you to watch fireworks and enjoy the view of the city.

Energy efficiency all year round.

Why is an energy-efficient roof important? Since the advent of changes in the environment, we’re called to have a roof that protects us from temperature extremes. To keep us and our employees comfortable, we need a roof that reflects heat during warm months and provides insulation when it’s snowing.

Cox Roofing Systems installs energy-efficient commercial roofing Sudbury materials. Our roofs will also help you save for the long-term. You don’t need to turn on your cooling and heating systems all the time because our roofs will control temperatures within your building.

Long service life.

Most often, building owners don’t appreciate a roof’s lifespan until they are forced to get a roof replacement. Not all roofs are made equal, which is why a good roof matters a lot. We install Firestone Roofing products, a renowned manufacturer in the roofing industry.

Currently, we offer flat commercial roofing Sudbury systems that last 30-50 years. These are our flat roofing by Firestone and tri-thermal roofing – our very own product. Moreover, our roofs are very low-maintenance.

High return on investment.

A return on investment in a matter of 4 to 7 years. Not even half of your roof’s lifespan. This is another benefit that you gain when you choose Cox Roofing Systems as your roofing provider of choice.

You will save more in several ways with our roofs. You do away with leaks, expensive energy bills, and early replacements that cost you thousands of dollars.

Our Commercial Roofing Sudbury Materials

Flat roofing systems by Firestone

Get an eco-friendly roof. Our flat roofing systems are EPDM and TPO. Made from synthetic rubber, EPDM and TPO hold up against extremes in weather, foot traffic, chemicals, and fires.

Tri-thermal roofing

The best roof that provides insulation, tri-thermal roofing combines two roofing materials: EPDM and spray applied polyurethane foam insulation. This combination has all the benefits of a quality roof.

Cox Roofing has been in the industry since 1976.

We, Cox Roofing Systems, are a trusted industrial and commercial roofing Sudbury company. Hire us to install Firestone flat roofing systems or our very own Tri-Thermal roof. Interested in other services? We also do commercial roof repairs and restorations. Contact us right now.