Project Description

Kenwood Corporation

We have helped Mark Nibourg and his Dad Bert maintain the roof on their huge building in Arnprior for many years. They give us the best recommendation we can ever have. We are their roofer! They appreciate our exceptional TTR patented and trade- marked roof system. They also appreciate our professional work force and management team and support us wholeheartedly. They prove it year after year.

But they are also an interesting story as well.

Bert Nibourg brought his family to Canada from Holland in 1978. He started a successful demolition business in his new home.

He was asked to bid on the demolition of the huge Kenwood blanket building which had been a mainstay of the town since the early 1900’s. It had recently closed and the production of the beautiful Kenwood blankets that were valuable wedding and birthday gifts for generations had stopped.

But now demolish it? Why? it was still a solid, well built building and the largest in town. In 1999 he and son Mark bought it instead.

It is now a bustling commercial rental building with 100 rental units, and more than 40 businesses operating from it.

We are so proud of our customers who are indeed, “a cut above”