Project Description

Expert Chevrolet Hearst Ontario

This is just one more “a cut above” customer of Cox Roofing Systems.

We just had a conversation with Robert Ringuette who along with his partner is one of the owners of Expert Chevrolet. We have completed his annual inspection and we are very pleased with his comments on our roof retrofit completed in 2019.

Our first retrofit was in 1993 on their previous location. Expert Chevrolet has been a landmark in Hearst for a very long time. The roof we installed in 1993 is still protecting as we said it would be when we did the work for the original owner Real Mercier.

The new building had severe ice problems and extensive heat loss. Rob says it is now as different as night and day with our TTR 300W retrofit on his standing seam metal roof, completed in 2018.

No more ice, no more leaks, no more heat loss.

Energy savings, in his own words, are “through the roof”, no pun intended. He says the building is much more comfortable, and this new roof is an excellent investment.

Thank you, Robert. Expert Chevrolet and their management is indeed “a cut above” as are all of our customers.