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Firestone Roofing Membrane Ontario

For more than 40 years, Cox Roofing Systems has been installing single ply membrane systems.

Firestone contractorAs an approved Firestone contractor, we offer two single ply membrane roofing systems from Firestone which are the Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EDPM).

Made of synthetic rubber compounds, these roofing types are durable and weather-resistant. TPO and EDPM can be used in different geographical locations no matter the climate.

These roofing systems are popular among commercial, industrial, and institutional property owners for their multiple features and benefits:


Firestone EDPM roofing membrane is known for its ability to withstand UV radiation as well as cold and hot temperatures. It can be used in environments where the temperature ranges from -29C to 177C. Because of this extreme durability, this type of roofing can last up to 50 years.

There is no need to use flame to install Firestone EDPM. Once the membrane adheres to the substrate, the bond cannot be broken if installed correctly. If you have equipment on your current roofing, you don’t have to worry about removing and re-installing it since the EDPM rubber can simply be cut and sealed around it.

Firestone EDPM roofing helps you reduce the use of air-conditioning and heating systems, thereby reducing the release of greenhouse gases. According to studies, EDPM roofing, along TPO, has the lowest potential to cause global warming, smog, and acid rain.


As a newer Firestone roofing system, the TPO membrane helps the interior of your building stay cooler. Its high reflective properties prevent the absorption of heat from the sun. You don’t have to make your air-conditioner work harder and be faced with high energy bills later.

If you are looking to have solar panels or a roof garden installed, TPO can be your best choice for a roofing system. This compatibility allows for a healthier, cleaner earth and supports your efforts to keep your building interior cool.

Inexpensive and lightweight, the TPO roofing membrane resists UV damage, heat, mold growth, and dirt buildup, and some rooftop chemicals – all of which can speed up the deterioration of your roof. The thicker the TPO membrane used, the better.