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Commercial Roofing Windsor, Ontario

The southernmost city in Canada, Windsor has a rich culture. In 2014, it had a population of 218,270. In terms of economy, prevalent services are government, tourism, and manufacturing. Summers in Windsor are hot and humid. Thunderstorms during the summer are also common. One can expect major snowfalls during the winter. 

Business owners who run brick and mortar stores in Windsor and probably the rest of the world spend thousands of dollars on investments like manpower, equipment, and products to sell. But there’s one important aspect they miss, and that’s a good roof above their head.

No doubt that a durable roof is a valuable investment that benefits you long term. Here are reasons why:

Prevention of water damage

When your roof is old, has reduced energy efficiency, and has tears and punctures, it is prone to leaks. Water can enter your building. As it does, it promotes the growth of mold, destroys your foundation, and attracts all kinds of pests.

Cox Roofing Systems restores your old roof to fix leaks and install a much better roofing material. This roofing system (flat membrane roofing or tri-thermal roofing) acts as a durable barrier against water, preventing it from entering your building.

Reduce heating and cooling needs.

Insulation is an important factor that business owners should consider when it comes to roofing. With a roof that properly insulates, tenants experience less heat during warmer days. In cold months, they can enjoy the warmth of their heating systems without increasing their energy bills.

This is what our roofing materials can do. Our flat roofing and tri-thermal roofing reflect heat and reduce the loss of heat. Not only will you work productively because you feel comfortable, you also benefit from more savings down the road.

Additional space for different purposes.

Do you have a plan for your rooftop? How about growing a garden to lessen greenhouse gases, save the environment, and protect your building from direct solar heat? Would you like to install solar panels?

Our flat roofing systems are durable enough to accommodate structures above them. They’re highly compact and resilient to resist impact damage.

We provide two kinds of commercial roofing systems in Windsor

Flat roofing systems

While there are many roofing products available on the market, Cox Roofing Systems features the best: EPDM and TPO. These are two kinds of rubber roofs that we source from Firestone Roofing, a top manufacturer in the roofing industry.

EPDM and TPO are lightweight and easily installed with minimal disruptions to your business. They’re ideal for low-slope roofing and lasts for up to 30 years. These membranes are considered to be Energy Star certified roof products.

Tri-thermal roofing system

Exclusively offered by Cox Roofing Systems, we use tri-thermal roofing for new roof installations and restorations (reviving an old roof). Abbreviated as TTR, this material combines EPDM membrane and spray polyurethane foam. It’s a combination that gives you more benefits and eliminates the cons of each roofing type.

Choose Cox Roofing Systems to help you with your roofing needs

Business owners and building owners in Windsor deserve a roof that will give them a higher return on investment. The secret is to choose a roofing provider that has your best interests in mind.

As much as possible, we want you to enjoy a roof that lasts long and let you save for many years. Got any roofing problems today? We’ll give you a free estimate now.