Real Customers Testimonials

Al Scinto, North Bay Mental Health Services Inc.

Cox Roofing Systems retrofitted our building with Polyurethane Roofing Foam at our location on Jane Street in North Bay several years ago. We were impressed with the level of service and workmanship that we have received from your company. After the roof was insulated and waterproofed we noticed a saving in the heating and air conditioning costs for the building. The yearly inspections are taking place and any maintenance is performed as necessary at no cost to us.
I would recommend Cox Roofing Systems to solve any of your roofing needs.

Al Scinto
Al Scinto, North Bay Mental Health Services Inc.

Francois Lambert, TransCanada PipeLines

Dear Sir,

Two years ago, we called on your professional services to remedy the problems we were experiencing on our Service Building roof. We had ice forming on the roof causing water to run inside the building over top expensive equipment, and also high voltage control cabinets. Another factor that made us approach your company was the fact that fair size ice formations had already come down the roof and could have caused bodily injuries to employees working at this station.
Since your company has insulated our roof with your Foam Roofing System, three problems were totally eliminated: water leaking on equipment, ice formation on the roof and heat loss. It is my belief that the money saved in heating costs paid the repair of that roof the very same year.
Thank you very much for a job well done!

Francois Lambert
TransCanada PipeLines

Paul & Susan Bolton

Cox Roofing Systems has retrofitted all of our apartment buildings except one, and you will do it this summer.We are impressed with the simplicity and energy efficiency of your TTR® Roofing System. There are no fasteners to degrade and should the membrane be compromised for any reason, the roof remains watertight.

We have recorded a noticeably energy savings since the roofs were retrofitted. This is attributed to the fact the original insulation was retained, but additional insulation was installed with the new roof.
This TTR® Roofing System also saved the cost of removal and landfill site charges. We are very satisfied with our new roofs, and your 20-year warranty on both labour and materials gives us piece of mind.
We are happy to recommend Cox Roofing Systems and your TTR® Roof System to anyone.

Paul & Susan Bolton

John Osburn – OAA FRIAC RIBA, Osburn Associates Architect Inc.

To whom it may concern: Our technical people are extremely impressed with the performance of the Cox Roofing System. It combines the flexibility of an insulation that can be applied to any thickness with the strength and durability of an EPDM membrane.
For our own commercial buildings, we have used Cox Roofing Systems Exclusively.

John Osburn – OAA FRIAC RIBA
John Osburn – OAA FRIAC RIBA, Osburn Associates Architect Inc.

George Korganowski, Gezak Properties

We were extremely pleased with the Cox Roofing System on our original industrial building. The process of redoing our roof went very well. No problems and in a timely fashion. The extra insulation has been a benefit for all of us in the building. We are saving in both heating and cooling costs. The process of removing the extra weight from the building has now given us another opportunity. A large solar panel installation will now be erected on our TTR® roof. This allows our company “Gezak Properties” more financial rewards from the electrical output of the solar panels. The roof has worked so well that we are now in the process of doing the next one.

George Korganowski
Gezak Properties

Sam Zeifman, Brosko Property Man

Cox Roofing Systems installed the TTR® roof system on a 32,000 square foot project for the Metro store in Hamilton 7 years ago. The TTR® system was chosen for the building due to the fact that the removal of the existing tar and gravel roof system would have been too disruptive for the grocery store, an overlay being the best option. A moisture scan was performed by Cox Roofing Systems to ensure that no saturated areas were present in the existing tar and gravel system before the retrofit was performed. All the loose gravel, dirt and debris were removed from the roof and the TTR® system was then retrofitted over the tar and gravel system.

Cox Roofing installed the TTR® system as per the TTR® specifications and the roof has performed well for the last 7 years. The inspections are being carried out on an annual basis as outlined in the original contract. Any issues or concerns have been addressed to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The customer service from Cox Roofing Systems has not let me down. The performance of the TTR® roof system has been what I expected when I chose this system to be installed on the building.

I would recommend this roof system to other property managers or owners that are concerned about energy savings and the overall performance of a roof system for the long term life of the building.

Sam Zeifman
Brosko Property Man

Debbie Fung

I purchased a new home with Aspen Ridge Homes and had the worst experienced with our brand new roof. The house is less than 6 months old, but the roof had so many defects that during rain season and spring thaw, water was pouring into my new home causing major structural damage.

I knew the only solution to get this fixed properly was to get the entire roof replaced by a reputable, reliable and qualified roofing company. I spoke with Wayne, the owner at Cox, and he immediately scheduled a meeting at my house. He was prompt in his quotation, reasonable in price and provided a high-quality roofing system that’s worth its value for years to come. It even comes with a 10 year warranty which gives home owners like myself instant peace of mind. His team including site manager Devon was professional and completed on-time without delays. I’m so happy I choose Cox Roofing System and this is one solid roofing company I would highly recommend.

Debbie Fung