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GENYK, based in Shawinigan,Quebec, develops, manufactures and markets rigid and flexible polyurethane systems to meet all your needs. GENYK is with you at each stage of your project, from research and development of polyurethane systems to the manufacture of specific products. GENYK offers all the expertise you need in a variety of different fields.

Apart from its products, customer satisfaction is the number one priority at GENYK. Known for its customer focus, the company is a partner that has the success of its customers at heart. Because GENYK is a human-sized company, its experts do not hesitate to travel to meet with you. GENYK provides accessible, effective technical support at all times.

Website: www.genyk.com



Whether you’re replacing an existing roof, building a brand-new roof or taking on a roof repair project, choosing the correct roofing assembly and materials for your building is critical. It will determine how awe-inspiring your building looks, how well it performs—and how long it will last.

Commercial roofing systems do not come in a one-size-fits-all model. It’s crucial to consider your building’s location, physical characteristics of the roof, construction materials and usage to determine which roofing system is most appropriate.

Website: www.firestone.com


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