Winter is fast approaching, so make sure your commercial property is ready before everyone concentrates on their intensive tasks during the holidays.

Winter can bring a variety of damages to commercial roofs, including ice dams, ice sheaves, roof leaks, and roof collapse.

Winter damages are often the result of water’s natural tendency to escape to the lowest point, which can lead to cracks in the roof or ice dams.

Ice sheaves are caused by leaking pipes that go unnoticed. Roof leaks occur when the snow melts on the roof and refreezes, creating a slippery surface. Plus, ice dams will cause massive water damages to your property’s interiors.

Here are five easy steps to prevent that from happening.


Property owners know the complete history of their roof. However, its installation and replacement periods are the only ones you’ll need to remember because your roofing consultant will likely ask you about the most recent period you’ve made any roofing changes or reinstallations.

Any roof that has gone beyond ten years of its lifespan is most likely to suffer damages. Therefore, roofers will recommend having regular maintenance services and repairs before winter arrives.

Maintenance and Repairs

Preventing ice dams requires a good amount of prep work. This includes removing any snow from your roof and ensuring the commercial property’s roof is pitched properly to help lessen the chance of melting snow from pooling on your roof.

Roofing maintenance specialists, such as us at Cox Roofing, will lay down the preparations involved in improving your roof’s condition before winter arrives. In doing so, the company can concentrate on their activities without worrying about their roof when winter arrives.

Roof Environment Evaluation

The environment can have a major impact on a roof’s life expectancy.

Weather, extreme conditions, and other environmental factors can be detrimental to the roof’s performance over time.

The factors that shorten the lifespan of roofs are the environmental factors that lead to the degradation of roofing materials. The most common factors are ultraviolet rays, hail, wind, and rainfall.

UV rays are the most common environmental factor that degrades roofing materials. The sun will penetrate through rain or snow and break down the chemicals in the products in the process of aging.

However, a thorough roofing replacement with a UV-reflective material is the best way to improve your roof’s lifespan.

Roof Surface Cleaning, Repairs, and Gutter Inspection

A roof surface cleaning and gutter inspection is a way of checking for physical damage on the roof and around the gutters. This can include checking for missing or damaged roofing seams and materials and other signs of wear and tear.

Gutter inspections will also look at the gutters themselves. A large buildup of debris may indicate a need for more frequent cleaning.

Proper Winterization of Internal Property Components

Lastly, a good roof isn’t enough to winterize the entire property. Having other specialists inspect the inner systems of your property is important in improving the lifespan and performance of everything in your commercial property.

You can always count on us at Cox Roofing to provide you with top-notch roofing maintenance, repair, and installation services. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.