The alternative is to have your roof torn down and replaced with fresh roofing material. It does sound like a great way to make sure you secure more than 50-70 years of exceptional roofing for your property. Unfortunately, it means investing additional costs, while it pays off, isn’t very practical, especially if your financial situation is quite tight.

Metal roof restoration through spray polyurethane foam (SPF) coating is one of the best alternatives to metal roof installations. Learn more about its benefits below.

You Won’t Have To Spend Big On A New Roof

Both corrugated and standing seam metal roofs wear out over time. To restore your roof, you must have set aside a significant amount for tear-offs and replacements. With SPF-based metal roofing restoration, you won’t ever have to deal with such issues and extensive roof redress that takes much time and can prove disruptive for your operations.

Restorations don’t require a large team of exceptional Ontario roofers. Instead, they have experts that remove rust and debris from your roof to ensure the SPF operation goes smoothly and quickly.

Tear Offs Add To Labour Time

Metal roof tear-offs require more labour and time to remove your old roof. While we all know standing seam metal roofs for their durability, their fasteners can get locked in too tightly due to rust and debris. Your trusty roofers will use proven methods and equipment to pry it off your roof. In turn, it consumes more labor time before the actual material installation even begins.

Furthermore, this excludes all roofing material expenses. A brand new roof does guarantee long-term durability and performance, but it’s still a considerable investment capable of extensively denting your budget.

SPF Has Plenty of Unheard-Of Advantages

Spray polyurethane foam is a groundbreaking construction product that has two variations. Open-cell foams allow properties to receive exceptional insulation by filling in the gaps with enough force to ensure a tight fit on any space that outside air can penetrate.

However, roofers mostly use closed-cell foams that create a hardened surface on your roof. This surface can withstand hailstorms and other harsh weather. Furthermore, professional roofers such as Cox Roofing can quickly redress dents and other problems with a quick spraying solution.

Improved Property Energy Efficiency

Closed-cell and open-cell SPF guarantee improved energy efficiency because it creates an airtight seal across the entire property. It isn’t similar to your conventional roofing system that uses single-ply materials that require adhesives or torching to create seals. Once the material cures and dries, it will deliver its advantages swiftly and successfully in most projects.

Guaranteed Long-Term and Sustainable Roofing Capability

SPF is an easy-to-apply material. Only specialists who have received training and licensure can deliver the results you need for every project. However, because of its holistic system and proven problem resolution procedures, SPF becomes an exceptionally sustainable roofing material that is affordable and hugely dependable for any property.

If you have to replace your metal roof in the future, consider having a metal roof restoration process instead. You can count on us at Cox Roofing to provide you with the best SPF metal roof restoration services — contact us today!