22 02, 2019

A Lowdown on TPO Membranes: TPO Roofing Problems To Be Aware Of

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If you’re searching the market for a new flat roof system, you’ve probably come across or heard of TPO membrane quite a lot. The popularity of this roofing option is not unfounded. Many consider it as one of the best flat roof systems around. But as that may be so, given the weight of the [...]

6 01, 2019

Rubber Roofs for Flat Roofs: 2 Options That Make a Difference

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Rubber roofs for flat roofs are common on commercial properties in Toronto ON. Property owners and managers choose rubber roofs because they come with many advantages. What are these advantages? Also, what are two types of rubber roofs and brands worth getting? We’re going to tackle these areas in today’s post. Let’s begin. Reasons to [...]

13 09, 2018

What is a TPO Roofing System (And Should Toronto Business Owners Choose This)?

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“What is a TPO roofing system?” This isn’t a new question for us. In fact, we have talked about TPO and its specifications several times already. It’s because we believe that TPO is indeed a promising commercial flat roofing system. We also think that more Toronto business owners should get to know what this is [...]

17 08, 2018

TPO: Waterproofing Membrane Specification

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TPO installation on a flat commercial roof. Are you looking for commercial flat roofing options? We may have the answer to your questions. In today’s blog entry, we’ll talk about TPO waterproofing membrane specification and why it’s a good choice. You may be wondering if this topic is even worth your time. Just [...]

10 06, 2018

Learn What TPO Roofs Are Made of and Why They Excel

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Commercial and industrial building owners, when asked what roofing material they prefer, simply tell us, “We like rubber!” Nothing specific, just rubber. What most people don’t know is that roofs come in different types. We don’t geek out about roofs - what we’re more concerned about the benefits they can provide. However, knowing what material [...]