The most reputable roofing manufacturers give property owners a 25-30-year guarantee on their new roof’s lifespan and performance. Unfortunately, some property owners still find it challenging to get the most out of their roofing materials. You’ve definitely read somewhere that a particular property only had ten years of exceptional flat roof performance until their roof suddenly gave out without warning.

Truthfully, roofing manufacturers fully understand that their roofing materials can fail without warning despite their best manufacturing and quality control efforts. Warranties and labor certifications exist for this reason alone. However, you’re paying for top-quality manufacturing, making it unfair that manufacturers only get to hand out warranties.

However, no perfect roof exists. No level of manufacturing can guarantee a roof can be faultless. Thanks to warranties, you can get manufacturer-approved labor and support without additional expenses on your end. It can be a time-consuming process, but you’ll receive the service caliber you paid for and deserve.

Here are three ways your brand-new, high-quality roof possesses a risk of low lifespan.

The Weather Has an Impact

If you have a property in a rainy, snowy, or tropical-heat environment, your roof’s materials will react differently. For example, an aluminum roof can last for the longest possible time in a high-salt air environment because of its corrosion resistance. However, it wouldn’t last a day in a high-wind situation because of its weight and density.

Asphalt shingle roofs can withstand heavy rains, snow, and even hailstorms effectively throughout its lifespan. However, it can crack and have bruises with consistent exposure to extreme heat levels. Therefore, tropical countries use acrylic-elastomeric reinforced steel roofs than asphalt shingles for their low-density properties.

In this example, it’s clear to see the weather’s impact on your roofing materials. Ontario has chilly and snowy weather, making asphalt shingles the best roofing materials to use. However, faulty material can still surface despite proper, manufacturer-recommended usage.


Manufacturing Fluke

The high-quality manufacturing process and quality control are primary reasons property owners and reputable Ontario roofing contractors, choose local, dependable roofing manufacturers. These processes ensure long-lasting roofs with tried-and-proven manufacturing and testing. However, even the best roofing manufacturer gives only a 95-99% guarantee on their roofs. In short, owners can still end up with inappropriate, roofing materials.

Truthfully, manufacturing flukes are rare. If a homeowner purchases one, certified roofers can address the roof after the latter activates their warranty. Most property owners find the lengthy warranty process time-consuming. But, having certified roofers repair and replace your roofing materials with newly-manufactured ones excellently gives you the best value for money.

Roofing Structure Built Quality

This problem is common with properties shifting from light roofing material to a dense and heavy one, and exclusive to residential properties. For example, homeowners replacing their old asphalt roof will need additional roofing structure support to properly prop up slate and clay tiles.

Unfortunately, if your roofing structure’s materials have weakened over time, it’s best to consult reputable Ontario roofers for inspection and replacement. Roofing structure built quality contributes to your property’s overall longevity. If your new roof falls and crumbles easily, it isn’t a roof worth having.

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