24 03, 2019

Flat Roof Insurance Claim Tips For Toronto ON Business Owners

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Have you been hit by a terrible snowstorm recently, flooding maybe? Regardless of what harsh weather condition has passed, you cannot help but worry about your flat roofing. If you’re in doubt or simply want to prepare for tough times ahead, read about the flat roof insurance claim tips that we’ve prepared. Related: Toronto Property [...]

16 11, 2018

How to Make a Flat Roof Have a Pitch (And 3 Alternatives)

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Commercial property owners and managers in Toronto ON would sometimes think about adding pitch to their flat roofs. If you’re considering the same thing, Cox Roofing Systems is here to tell you that this project is difficult but it can be done. This guide will cover the following essential points: Typical reasons to add slope [...]

23 09, 2018

2018 Guide to the Best Roofing Material for Flat Roofs in Toronto

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Before you decide on a flat roofing material, there are some points you need to consider. Toronto, the capital city of Ontario Canada, is dotted with buildings. If you happen to be planning to start a business in the city, one thing you should consider is your flat roofing material. When it comes [...]

31 08, 2018

Reasons to Choose a Professional for Single Ply Membrane Flat Roof Work

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When it comes to single ply membrane flat roof problems, most people think that they can fix them on their own. There’s a widespread of DIY roofing tutorials. These so-called guides do nothing but instill a false sense of confidence - and drive people to risk their safety. If you own a commercial or industrial [...]

21 08, 2018

EPDM vs TPO: The Best Flat Roofing Choice for Your Property

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Rubber roofs vs modified rubber roofs. EPDM vs TPO. It's something property owners need to compare to find which roofing material suits their needs. When comparing EPDM vs TPO, it seems like ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofs will always win. Contractors highly recommend them because of their cost efficiency. However, EPDM isn't the holy [...]

26 07, 2018

Tips on How to Stop Water Leakage from a Concrete Roof

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Are you experiencing unwanted water leakage from your concrete roofing? While this is alarming, know that you are not alone in dealing with problems like this. Commercial roofs made from concrete are prone to damages leading to moisture retention and eventually leakage. It does not mean concrete roofs are not any good. Like any roofing [...]

25 06, 2018

5 Commercial Flat Roof Types For Durability and Lifespan

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Should your first choice for commercial flat roof types always be EPDM? Indeed, it is one of the best and most affordable options around. EPDM is a great long-term solution offering 30 years of durability, insulation, and protection. However, it is not the only flat roofing material useful for commercial properties. While this list includes [...]

25 05, 2018

Why Are Flat Roofs Common on Commercial Buildings: Five Compelling Reasons

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Why are flat roofs common on commercial buildings? It is one of the cost-effective choices property owners can make when it comes to building their properties. Flat or low-sloped roofs are as durable as sloped roofs. They introduce a sense of uniformity demanded by most business districts in the different cities of Canada. However, it [...]

2 05, 2018

Rubber Membrane Roof Life Expectancy: A Complete Guide

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Contractors often recommend that commercial property owners invest in EPDM. The average rubber membrane roof life expectancy, durability, ease of installation, and cost per square foot makes it the best replacement for any damaged material. While it does have its own disadvantages in some areas, the material itself is strong enough to last for decades. [...]

18 04, 2018

5 Critical Signs You Need An Immediate Commercial Roofing Restoration

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With everything your business does on a daily basis, the last thing you need is a leaky roof that requires commercial roofing services. Unfortunately, restoring its former status is vital to avoid further damage the weather can cause. Possible accidents caused by water leaks and puddles can injure personnel inside your office. Our decades of [...]