Commercial buildings require a much different roofing system than residential properties. Unlike the latter, business establishments have flat surfaces which are why commercial roofing systems are generally called “flat roofs” by many people.

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Having a large, flat surface area, they are more prone to drainage problems if not maintained and cared for properly. Also, this roofing type serves another important purpose which is storing the HVAC equipment of your building.

Today, we’re going to focus a bit more on why it’s important to maintain commercial roofing systems. Also, we’ll be exploring simple and effective ways to take a proactive approach to maintenance.

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Key Advantages of Taking Good Care of Your Commercial Roofing

1. More savings for the future.

It’s no secret that regular roof maintenance prevents serious problems down the road. Whatever that problem may be, whether it’s a leak, ponding water, or blisters, any issue entails a costly roof repair or replacement.

Prompt attention and preventive measures allow you to avoid untimely and unnecessary expenses down the road. Overall, commercial roofing maintenance makes a valuable long-term investment.

2. You’ll be able to help the environment.

You might not be environmentally concerned, but you should know that a well-maintained roof helps prevent global warming. When you conduct regular inspections and remedy small problems, you limit the incidence of roofing waste products ending up in landfills every year.

Not only that, maintenance allows you to mitigate energy loss from your building during summer and winter months. The benefit of this is that your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work harder which means less energy use and environmental impact resulting from it.

3. Increase in employee productivity, health, and comfort.

While employees are expected to work hard, they can even perform better if they are in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable. Not only should you pay attention to management, you must also focus on the condition of your building – most especially your commercial roofing.


Moisture problems that result from unresolved commercial roofing leaks are dangerous. Mold growth decreases the quality of indoor air and causes respiratory problems. Puddles of water place employees at risk for slip, fall, and electrocution accidents.

As soon as you discover signs of water penetration, contact a professional roofing contractor immediately to schedule a roof repair. Remember that leaks don’t go away on their own.

4. Longer commercial roofing lifespan.

One of the most important benefits of keeping commercial roofing systems intact is a longer lifespan. Whether maintenance tasks your contractor performs (cleaning, recoating, repairing), this procedure safeguards your roof from early wear and tear.

Imagine enjoying more savings, peace of mind, energy efficiency, and better productivity for your tenants for several years. A simple maintenance can yield a ton of benefits for a longer period than what you would normally expect.

Discover Simple Ways to Keep Your Commercial Roofing in Tip Top Shape

Now you know how important it is to have a proactive maintenance plan, as opposed to a reactive maintenance plan. To take proactive steps means to perform ongoing inspections and other simple measures.

As a building property owner or facility manager, what are practical strategies you can follow to keep your commercial roofing in good condition? Check out our maintenance tips below.

1. Trim tree branches hanging over your roof.

Proper landscaping or tree trimming saves your roof from thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

While everyone loves a comfortable shade, not to mention that greenery keeps your space cooler, tree branches that touch your flat roof can puncture it. Make sure to cut all overhanging or damaged branches from your trees.

2. Keep foot traffic to a minimum.

Too much foot traffic accelerate commercial roofing membrane damage. Foot traffic is a cause of membrane punctures that often lead to leaks and energy loss.

Aside from a person’s weight, trails of dirt and debris from work boots inflict scratches on your roof’s surface. To keep foot traffic to a minimum, assign specific personnel to access your roof. Remind everyone, especially your HVAC guys, who walk on your roof to take extra precaution with sharp tools.

3. Clean your gutter system.

Because building property owners are preoccupied with their day-to-day responsibilities, they forget to maintain their gutters. Gutters are an important structure of commercial roofing systems. They drive water away from your roof membrane each time it rains.

You will be surprised at how a simple clog in your gutter system can damage your roof and the entire structure of your building. Look for commercial roofing services that also specialize in gutter cleaning. If you find that your gutter system has collapsed, make sure to get it repaired as soon as possible.

4. Spot signs of commercial roofing damage.

Do you know what to look for to be able to say that you need an immediate roof inspection or repair? Even if people live inside their property and see their commercial roofing systems everyday, a lack of knowledge on the signs of damage is dangerous.

Here are the common things you must note and report to your commercial roofing contractor:

  • Water damage as evidenced by mold growth, water stains, and pooling of water on your roof.
  • Blistering, bubbling or alligatoring on your roof’s surface.
  • Active leaks during heavy rains.
  • Dents especially after a hail storm.

Work With a Trusted Professional Roofing Contractor

It makes good business sense to hire a roofing contractor that will help maintain your roof at least twice a year. Skilled roofers conduct thorough inspections and identify problems early on that could possibly cost you thousands of dollars.

Here at Cox Roofing Systems, we provide quality commercial roofing services that benefit you, your tenants/employees, and your entire business for years to come.

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