When it comes to single ply membrane flat roof problems, most people think that they can fix them on their own. There’s a widespread of DIY roofing tutorials. These so-called guides do nothing but instill a false sense of confidence – and drive people to risk their safety.

If you own a commercial or industrial building, always hire a professional to do the roofing work. You see, anyone can look up “steps to repair a single ply membrane flat roof”. But it takes years to acquire the skill to do it with ease and proficiency.

So today, let’s explore 6 reasons why you should hire the pros.

Why Hire Professionals for Single Ply Membrane Flat Roof Repairs?

1. Solid reputation in the community

two contractors facing on roof facing camera

Local roofing contractors are part of your community. Ask for recommendations from your family and friends, and look up reviews online.

Real roofing contractors in Toronto have an established local presence. You do not want to hire someone to do roofing work that your neighbors, friends, or family members don’t know or recommend. Since you’ll need a contractor from the commercial roofing space, it’s good to ask other physical businesses in your area if they can suggest a roofing contractor.

Aside from asking around, a good place to search for reputable roofing companies is the internet. Though not all you read are correct, sites that list businesses are the following:

  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Houzz
  • HomeAdvisor

In these places, you will find client reviews, complaints, photos of their actual work, and an overview of their business. You want to make sure that they actually specialize in single ply membrane flat roof systems.

2. Guarantees – warranties in materials and labor

If you do your own roofing work or ask a layman do it, there is no way for the job to be guaranteed. Registered contractors take pride in their work. With that, they back their commercial roofing jobs with guarantees. Whether they perform industrial roof repairs or replace roofing material, they provide warranties.

A contractor’s warranty protects you against errors in workmanship. On the other hand, a manufacturer’s warranty protects you against defects in the single ply membrane flat roof material. This warranty depends on the product brands that the contractor uses.

Here at Cox Roofing, we use the TTR® system and single ply membranes from Firestone Building Products. We provide a 10 Year Gold Warranty and our 20+ Year Platinum Warranty for workmanship and materials.

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3. Best safety practices

yellow sign that says safety first

Roofing professionals are trained and experienced in navigating the roof.

Some people assume that just because they can walk on a flat roof, there is no risk of falling. Any work that involves heights is dangerous. When you are doing a DIY roofing job, you focus on the task at hand – and less on your safety.

Single ply membrane flat roof professionals undergo safety programs. This ensures that their work won’t compromise their health and safety. Some sealants, adhesives, and primers used for the job contain harmful chemicals. Roofing contractors carefully study technical product information and instruction manuals.

Also, roofing professionals know how to navigate the roof regardless of the obstacles. When it comes to the weather, they know the right timing to install flat membranes. That way, the products won’t fail.

4. Affordable, no matter the price

Incompetence is expensive. Mistakes because of a DIY roofing job may cost you a new roofing material. Work accidents send you to the hospital. At the end of the day, you realize that hiring a professional roofer means more savings.

Professional roofing services help you save money in many ways:

  • They carry insurance. This prevents disputes in cases of workplace accidents or injuries.
  • Licensed contractors comply with codes.
  • Guarantees to work and roofing products mean that you get a roof repair or replacement without spending money.
  • You can trust a professional to show up each day and complete the roofing work.

5. Proper licensing and insurance

orange paper questioning you about insurance

Licensure and insurance protect not only the roofing contractor, but you as the client.

Why is it so important to hire a licensed roofing contractor? When a contractor is licensed, it means that he passed examinations, know the best industry practices, and stays updated with trends. While many states require licensing for roofers, still, there’s always a chance you’ll come across unlicensed ones.

Insurance also matters to protect everyone (them and you). If accidents happen, you won’t have to be held liable. Without insurance, you can imagine paying for the contractor’s expenses out of your own pocket.

6. Years of experience

Lastly, when hiring contractors that specialize in single ply membrane flat roof, be sure to bring in those with years of experience. We repeat – years. There are some do’s and don’ts in finding commercial roofers. One of the dos is to ask the question, “How long have you been in business?”

The longer a contractor’s experience, the more likely they are to end up committing mistakes. Trial and error are part of a contractor’s journey. You don’t want to be a contractor’s first client where things are still in the experimental phase.

Signs That Your Flat Roofing Membrane Needs Servicing

You now know why you should choose a professional for flat roof membrane work. Here’s the next question: Can you tell when you need a commercial roof repair or restoration service? Look for the following signs…

Cracks in the flat membrane material

If you see cracking patterns in your flat roof, these patterns are what you call “alligatoring.” Alligatoring signifies that your roof got damaged by the sun and has aged.

Blisters or flat roof bubbles

Roof blisters look like bubbles. Air or water gets trapped in the blister and this expands due to the weather. When left alone, blisters get bigger. They create more moisture which damages the roofing material. It’s important to keep your single ply membrane flat roof dry. That said, hire a professional roofer to inspect the roof and maintain it.

Leaks and interior water stains

Water intrusion can be obvious or hidden. Leaks are pretty clear. If water drips from the ceiling when it rains, call a professional roofer to fix leaks immediately. Interior water stains may not bother some facility owners but beware – this is a sign of a roof leak.

Final Thoughts

Before you tackle any single ply membrane flat roof work, choose a professional. You’ll be in good hands. You’ll rest easy knowing that you save money and get a roof that lasts. Your roof is part of your business – remember that. It’s an investment and deserves care for it to serve and protect you.

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