When dealing with a roofing problem such as a leaky roof or a short-lived roofing system, people often go for the most common option: A total roof replacement. This may seem like the most sensible solution but the truth is that a complete roof removal can create a lot of issues down the road, from wasting a lot of money to potentially harming the environment.

Is there a better option? Absolutely. Consider getting a roof retrofit.

What Is a Roof Retrofit and What Are Its Benefits?

Roof retrofitting is the process of installing a new roofing system over an existing roof. We can all agree with the fact that completely tearing off an old roof is very expensive and time-consuming.

A roof retrofitting system such as our Tri Thermal System (TTR®) offers several advantages over traditional methods. These benefits are the following:

1. A fast and efficient installation process.

Putting on a new roof is a very huge job and take days or weeks to accomplish. There are plenty of factors that could possibly delay commercial roofing contractors’ ability to complete a roof replacement: The weather, size of the area, and strong winds and rain.

Not only that, a roof replacement can cause a lot of noise and disruption to your building’s inhabitants or employees, including nearby establishments. You’ll also have to deal with debris falling inside your building and damaging your equipment.

Retrofitting a Tri Thermal System (TTR®) over your existing roof takes minimal work. After water-saturated spots on your existing roof are detected and corrected, the Tri Thermal roof retrofit system is directly installed. Now, people inside your building won’t have to evacuate and you can continue your business activities without any hassle. There’ll be no angry neighbors too!

2. Zero leaks and reduced energy costs.

Zero leaks and reduced energy costs

When traditional roofing systems break down, water enters the building and can promote the growth of mold, cause slip and electrocution hazards, and structural and equipment damage.

Poor insulation among traditional roofs are also a reason for high energy bills. So, if you notice that your air conditioner is in good condition and yet your building’s interior fails to cool down, it’s likely that your current roofing has an insulation problem.

Instead of calling commercial roofing contractors to have your roof replaced, a roof retrofitting system such as our Tri Thermal System will cover your entire roof to prevent any gaps. This provides your roof with the best UV protection and insulation possible. Our energy efficient TTR® includes a foam roof to prevent water from entering your building just in case your roof membrane gets punctured.

Commercial building owners and occupants can attest that a roof retrofit using TTR® provides cooler temperatures, low energy bills, and increased comfort due to the absence of leaks.

3. Longer lifespan.

Traditional roofs are prone to damage due to daily exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays coupled with other weather elements. All of these can speed up the deterioration of your roof which again, warrants a roof replacement.

Another huge benefit of having a roof retrofitting system installed is that your roof will have a longer lifespan. This is due to the addition of an EDPM membrane, a rubber roofing membrane that provides resistance against damage caused by environmental elements (ponding, UV rays, heat, etc.).

While a typical roof may need replacing within a minimum of 10 years, an EDPM roofing membrane has a longer than normal lifespan. This can last for up to more than 30 years.

4. Less waste ending up in the local landfill.

You may not be aware of it, but replacing short-lived roofing systems negatively impact the environment. It has been found out that many commercial roofing contractors spend most of their time on roof replacement projects than installing new roofs.

Just picture out hundreds to thousands of non-biodegradable roofing materials and debris going into landfills each day. This waste material can be harmful to the planet. The fact that a roof retrofitting lasts longer, thanks to its ability to withstand different kinds of damage, decreases the chances for your roof to end up in the dumpster for several years.

Aside from reducing landfill waste, having a Tri Thermal System allows for the installation of environment-friendly roof top landscapes and photovoltaic panels.

Roof top landscapes or roof gardens provide a cooling effect on commercial environments, reducing energy demands. Again, this contributes to higher energy savings. On the other hand, photovoltaic panels are quiet, facilitate the production of clean solar electricity, and prevent the release of harmful air to the environment.

5. More financial savings.

More financial savings

Perhaps the most appealing benefit you’ll get for your business is the freedom to save more money. A roof retrofit does not only make an affordable roof restoration choice, it also offers more advantages that translate to higher savings in the long run: Less dumpster and landfill fees, lower energy bills, less frequent roof replacement jobs.

As previously mentioned, since a Tri Thermal System installation doesn’t cause noise or disruption, there wouldn’t be any hassle of having to discontinue your business operations. This means that you’ll be enjoying a steady cash flow while your roof retrofit is going on.

Business owners can all agree that a durable, high-quality roof increases the value of their property. A good roofing system avoids any structural damage, health concerns associated with mold growth, and safety hazards. If you own a rental property, you would definitely have happier tenants and are less likely to experience disputes all because your building’s interior is safe and free of any damage.

Over to You

From providing you more peace of mind to additional savings for years, there’s no reason why commercial building owners wouldn’t make roof retrofitting systems their top choice for a new roof. Now that you have learned the advantages of a roof retrofit, would you consider getting one?

Still not convinced? Check out our testimonials and gallery to get a bigger picture of what you’ll benefit from a Tri Thermal System. Hopefully, this article is able to help you make a better roofing decision.

Good luck!