We always tell our clients to have roofing inspections regularly. Bi-annual roofing inspections, which involve a pre and post-winter inspection, easily reveal the underlying problems your roofs might have. It’s not fool-proof, but having an idea is a must.

Before the holidays and accompanying labor shortage arrive, making sure your roof is in top condition will always help you save much money in the long run. Here are the top five commercial roofing maintenance tips before the holidays arrive.

Ice Dam Formations

Roofs with insufficient airflow, which is particularly common with commercial properties, will create ice dams. Snow on your roof will freeze any water it can find, collecting small moisture droplets that will weigh down on your roof.

Additionally, if the sun peers through the cool weather and increases the local roofing temperature, the melted ice dams can create massive water damages. Maintenance roofing services can help prepare your roofs against ice dam formations through a series of tried and proven solutions.

Pooling Water

Uneven low-slope roofing will always have pooling water during the summer. However, this water formation is especially fatal during winter. The origin of numerous roof water puddles is uneven surfaces that erosion, natural wear and tear, and aging can cause.

Roofing maintenance companies can remove pooling water in many ways. They can apply artificial platforms to direct water straight to rainwater collection portals. Additionally, they can adjust gutter positions where possible. Drastic roofing measures often call for a seam replacement to remove the unbalanced pooling water level.

Areas With Excess Snow

You’ve seen the critical damage excess snow can cause to normal residential roofs. Unfortunately, it’s the same level of damage for commercial flat roofing. Single-ply roofing is under extreme duress with heavy snow pressing against its stretched and melted surface.

In turn, the cold can permeate and cause massive damages to the small cracks. Combined with the changing temperatures, if sun visibility is higher than before, melted water will quickly penetrate cracks right through your roofing material. Before the snow begins, maintenance teams can fill in these cracks, allowing them to prolong and improve the roof’s performance before winter goes into full swing.

Regular Cleaning

Often, regular cleaning and removal of excessive snow on your roof can do so much to prolong the roof’s lifespan and dependability. While you’ll need an in-house team to perform regular roof cleaning, it will save your roof from so much harm and issues that snow can cause.

Roofing maintenance teams can clean your roof regularly too. While they’re an expensive option, it’s great to have holiday relievers when you need emergency cleaning.

If you have yet to find a reliable roofing company to work with, you can always count on us at Cox Roofing to help you with all your roof replacement, repair, and maintenance needs. With our decades of experience in the industry, we’re confident in bringing you the results you need. Contact us today to learn more.